Saturday, October 8, 2011

a bit of bakelite.....

This is a fabulous art deco bakelite bangle with metal dangles in my favourite colour.....$65

and a yummy banana swirl bakelite bangle...$55

in the middle a faux tortoise shell bakelite bangle........ $55

Tip: When wearing bakelite be careful not to get your perfume on your jewellery as it can discolour it.....also store your bakelite away from sunlight and preferably in a wooden box as plastic boxes can causing crazing.......

Have a happy week!

Leah X


  1. Hey Leah great tips, I knew about the perfume but not the plastic box causing crazing. Thank you so much, great pics of the bangles. Vanessa

  2. oh this bakelite bangles are really really fabulous, i´m looking for one like that for long time, they are really rare here, but i want them so hard:(
    love and kiss,mary

  3. Oh they're gorgeous. I love the one with the dangles!