Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dress code: Old Hollywood

A few months back local lady Joan came into my shop looking for an outfit for her 75th birthday! The  criteria was a tuxedo as she was going to dress up as Marlene Dietrich.  As it turned out we ended up giving Joan the beauty treatment to turn into her favourite Old Hollywood movie star! So for months we had to keep the secret of her plans to change outfits half way through the night and perform with the band Falling in love again....Joan described herself as the girl Hollywood sadly overlooked and on her 75th birthday wanted to have her night as a Hollywood starlet!

This picture of Joan formed part of her invitation!

Joan getting into character...

They even changed the header at the local theatre where the party was held...

Miss Dietrich never afraid to show a bit of leg...


  1. Too cute! I wondered what that sign was all about at the Royal!

  2. Love it and I know I'd love Joan too. What an awesome way to celebrate your 75th birthday! I hope I get up to as much fun (and look as gorgeous!) when I turn 75!

  3. Oh sweet thank you for sharing this story of the very beautiful Miss Joan!!!!!!
    My heart just melted at how gorgeous she looked after your wonderful help.
    Happiness looking divine. Vanessa

  4. Thanks Carli, Kylie & Vanessa! Joan is amazing every time l see her she is just getting back from badminton or yoga she is a true inspiration!

  5. oh this is really a wonderful idea and the result is so amazing, the lady really took all the hollywood glamour of the world! lovely post!