Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Look up....

I really love old signage. Here are a few l snapped today!

How cute is that pelican....

 old metal R.S.L sign

Hmmm ice cold Melbourne anybody?

Leah x


  1. I love the RSL sign Leah (it looks like a home-made job, which makes it really special)
    And an ice cold beer would definetely be very nice right about now!
    It's good to look up, you're so right. You never know what you'll see...

  2. Oh sweet I am with you, I just love old signs and marketing on buildings. I have so many photo's of them.
    The dresses on your new blog head are simply gorgeous!!!!
    Happy new year!!! Love V

  3. Very nice! I love antique signs, too. I get carried away snapping photos of the old ads and such on the buildings downtown in my city. It's so cool that they stay there for so long and they haven't been painted over or torn down.

  4. Lovely pics! I LOVE paint weathering off buildings! These are great! Txo