Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How l do rag curls......

Whenever l rag curl my hair lots of people ask how to do it so here is how l rag curl my hair...

Things you will need: Sectioning comb, hair tie, cotton strips approx 20cm long and 2 inches wide(use an old pillow case or the like) & some light hair spray or holding product

#Step 1 Dampen hair, l usually wash mine and then towel dry it to absorb excess moisture.

#Step 2 Part hair in position you want to wear it. l have tried this as a middle part and a side part either works well. Section hair, start with the front sectioning from the crown to the top of the ear secure back section to keep from falling forward.Now you should have the front part of your hair separate from the back at this point l usually do 3 or 2 rag curls on either side depending on whether l use a side part or a middle part so take about a thumbs worth of hair using your cotton strips place the strip across the hair start at about a third of the way from the bottom of the hair holding in place with your pointer finger then wrap hair around strip and finger making sure to smooth and straighten the end bits because you don't want sticky outy bits. 

#Step 3 From here remove your finger and roll the curl up to desired height. If you are wanting a vintage look don't go any further than the top of the ear. Most hair was set at this point because ladies wore hats of course!

#Step 4 To secure just tie the two ends together and viola you have a rag curl

Hair is side parted and sectioned with the front ready for rag curling...

#Step 5 After finishing the front,  l section the back in half horizontally, so top section and bottom section. Secure the top piece with your hair tie or comb and work with the bottom first. Usually l do about 4 curls across the bottom and about 5 up the top. You can play with this depending on the size of curl you like!

Pop on a do rag or fancy scarf if you need to drop down the street....

#Step 6 I usually do my hair at night and then sleep on it so it is ready to take out in the morning. The time it takes to dry will depend on how wet your hair is and how much hair you take in your curl.
After you take out your rag curls you will have tight bouncy curls a little like Shirley temple, cute but not quite the look l'm after....

So all l do is lightly run my fingers through the curls separating them enough to create volume and then give it all a light spray with Cedel to help hold the style....

The end result is curls that actually last, my hair is dead straight no curls no kinks and this method l find is really effective on my hair and much easier than pin curls...


  1. I am definetely going to try this...your hair looks lovely. I will be thrilled if I can get mine to look the same (or at least slightly similar!) Your instructions are easy to understand to.

  2. You are so cute!
    Is it comfy to sleep in? I must get myself a proper do rag.

  3. Thanks Kylie l thought l might have been rambling a bit...let me know how you go with yours...

  4. Carli l find them comfortable to sleep in l usually pin the annoying bits up away from my face...

  5. ok i grew up doing this ... born 1947 this is what we did to curl the hair. "they " say everything comes around again. guess this is making the rounds . when my grandmother didn't have cotton material she would tear strips of brown grocery bags , do the same thing but twist the ends together. that works too. you "youngins" have fun with this.

  6. c thank you so much for your mum used to rag curl my hair when l was little and she like you was born in the 40's it always amazes me how creative women of the 40's were using household items for skin. hair etc....thank you for sharing your story.

    Leah x


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