Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage jewellery & a beaded cardigan .....

I have just recently found out about these amazing jewellery pieces...ok firstly you have to know that the first 3 pieces of jewellery are from ELZAC who started Mattel and consequently Barbie....The above piece is a Carmen Miranda face with the best kissable lips!

and she looks right at home on this lapel....

Tribal lady ceramic brooch......

I have a soft spot for this bunny rabbit.....

This is a gorgeous 1940's Bakelite bow brooch with cherry danglers......

the most amazing beaded cardigan intricate flower and leaf  design......

and on the sleeve as is more of pale caramel than it appears here.......

Thank-you to everyone who came along to our birthday celebration we had such a great day! Here's to the next 12 months and beyond...

Love Leah X


  1. Even tho I have a cardi almost exactly the same already....what price is on that glorious little tag?!

  2. this one is 69....i had a feeling you might like it...there is also another one black with cherries not beaded though....

  3. Can u hold the cherries one please? I'll try and get in over the weekend. It'll match my cherries dress. Do u have a pic? booteddybelle at hotmail dot com.

  4. The brooches are DIVINE Leah....I too have a soft spot for the bunny....!!

    I haven't seen a beaded cardi like that in AGES....It's STUNNING....All you need is a shirt dress & some boots.... :o) !!!!!

    Hope you've had a WONDERFUL week my Friend....!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o0

  5. Oh sweet I love the bow/cherries brooch!! Do you have a price and could a wee squirrel in NZ have it sent?V

  6. Vanessa l would be happy to post to you. This brooch is 220....It really is a treasure....thank-you for your enquiry...Leah

  7. Oh Leah, I so wanted the bow brooch, but my wee pussy has again got very sick. Treat money gone, sorry. Thank you, happiness to you.Vanessa

  8. so sorry to hear that Vanessa it's hard when you lose a pet. We lost a cat about 18 months ago...take care Leah X

  9. So many beautiful things! I adore that swim suit.



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