Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cheeky chickens, but first......

Just had to show you this male torso, he's from the 50's no less....a little rough around the edges but loads of charm. Sounds like someone l know he he he....

You may wonder why chickens are appearing on a blog about vintage? Well it's like this these chickens belong to my neighbours 2 doors down and on occasion they wander into my shop and scare unsuspecting customers! They never stay for long and are very friendly.....

They just love jumping up on the cumquat tree pot....

Anyway enough about the chickens just in these fabulous Bakelite bangles Chunky butterscotch, lime green, cherry red and root-beer they all sound good enough to eat but lovelier to wear.I have this fabulous book Vogue 10 decades of fashion and there is a great photograph of a Vogue correspondent in the late twenties  with bangles all the way up to her elbows on both arms!

Peace out
Leah X


  1. I love the torso, the bangles AND the chooks too!

  2. And that's the best apart about a country vintage store. Unexpected visits from a chook. Love it!

  3. Oh sweet the chooks are so fabulous!
    The shop is just wonderful, vintage heaven.


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