Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rag curls and velvet flowers...

This is how my hair is today after sleeping with my hair in rags next morning instant hairdo...just add a flower.....

I found this flower pinned onto an old straw hat actually there were 2.  i use them in my hair or as a corsage etc....Its always good to look for old flowers on dilapidated old hats as they often get tossed aside as unwearable.....

Have a lovely week

Leah X

Sunday, October 2, 2011

At the shop......

It looks like someone has taken a bite out of this picture but its clever photography(my signage board). I am really in love with all things green and especially this industrial table. I love industrial pieces and like to mix them with softer accessories like these freesia's in a preserve jar for contrast. 

Another 1950's floral this one is so pretty. With it's pleated skirt it's so swishy. Measurements l will post later but l think it's about 8-10 AUS. Measurements B: 36" W: 27.5-28" H: free!

A lovely cottage table  on castor's $295.

l love this scarf  it has many colours and goes with most of my outfits scarf's are one of my ultimate accessories and can disguise a bad a hair day!

Leah X