Monday, January 31, 2011

1940's jackets & suits....

Last week l had a little bundle of 1940's jackets and suits arrive instore they were are bit dusty so l've sent them off to the drycleaners for a freshen up! I love a well made jacket they can transform your outfit and look so stylish over pants or skirts! While l've always had a passion for 40's & 50's fashion and furniture, l love Industrial, retro, vintage, shabby all in there own right so it comes back to making it work together this and that sitting along side each other in harmony! It also gives people the chance to create their own style which l love to see.....often people come into my shop and l get really inspired to see how they put things together that's the joy of vintage! Hope everyone has a great week x

1 comment:

  1. Hey Leah....!

    I hope you're having a FAB week Lovey....!

    I do have a couple of 40's jackets that I've worn with a white shirt & jeans....Alas....They don't FIT at the moment but will again soon....Just call me Yo....Yo....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)