Thursday, May 5, 2011

Show me the way to go home.....

When l was just a wee girl l remember going to parties with the folks and at the end of the night everyone would sing that song, show me the way to go home l'm tired and l want to go bed l had a little drink about an hour ago and it's gone straight to my head la la la la on and on....So if you need to find your way home this Map of Australia C1960's might just be the thing!

This is the loveliest little jacket love the stitched pattern...

Another new arrival at first glance you might think boxy but the magic of vintage is the in the trying on....very nice

Back in stock the much sort after SPACES magazine a perfect gift for Mum.....

Also new in this week, this original 1960's cardigan bottle green and cream stripe perfect with a pair of sailor pants...

A couple of weeks ago as the cold weather hit all  of my hand knits flew out the door...luckily  l have stocked up again this week but hurry cos they won't last....Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers day to my Mum and all of the mum's out there....Leah X


  1. Hi Leah
    I love that snuggly looking cardie in the last pic. And I love that 60's map of Australia, if I lived in Victoria it would be my pick for Mothers Day. You have such lovely stuff!

  2. Oh and I forgot to say: I remember that song from my childhood too...similar story to yours.

  3. Thanks so much Kylie.....all these story's from my childhood have popping into my head lately...happy memories....Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Leah...found you via tamarah's blog..

    loving vintage maps..especially of OZ..

    cardis/jackets are great...NOT looking forward to winter though...??

    shall have to get my hubby to drive me to your shop.

    xx andrea

  5. Hi Andrea thanks for your comment...I just popped over to your blog looks great....Leah X

  6. Hi Leah, I also found you via my friend Tamarahs bloggy! Andrea and I did the Shabby vintage junk extravaganza and will be there again this year. Your shop looks divine, will be dropping in for sure next time I am up your way :0)

  7. Hi Alicia look forward to seeing you there....l love that blogs connect like minds....LeahX

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