Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is my window at the moment! The horse is off a child's rocker...ahhhhh this meat safe is my favourite shade of green and to top it off some  red & cream Bakelite canisters...

Love these outdoor garden rocking chairs and the cushion, it is made from vintage tea towels. l have three of these but love the green one, what is it about green? And in the background my cumquat which l am proud to show you is still alive after 4 weeks.....


  1. oh Belle, I love those chairs very much. And the cushion too...what a gorgeous tea towel it must have been, far to nice for drying dishes!

  2. Hello Belle,
    Not sure if you remember me buying this dress for my hens.....but thought you might like to see some photos....
    :-) Chloe

  3. Hi Chloe yes l definitely remember...thank-you so much for passing on the link to your photo's you look stunning! Good luck for the big day...Leah X

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