Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tea tastes better in a kitty cat teapot.....

We have been looking around for a teapot to make our English breakfast tea in as until recently we only had a Japanese stoneware one for green tea and the like. It was love at first sight with this tea pot.  I think tea from a china teapot gives a much more delicate flavour.

and l just love his little blue bow...


  1. Hello new follower here I found you thru Lucy Violet she is a doll.Love the teapot very cute dresses in last blog so am going to go check them out

  2. This teapot is gorgeous , I need to drink more tea, I instead drink far too much coffee, a teapot like this could help me make the change :)

  3. this teapot is so cool - the cat resembles my ginger cat "Herr Krause", chief of our four-legged gang. Many greetings from luxembourg, Sibylle