Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New stock dresses.....

Here are some new arrivals just in today! There are about 16 in all mostly 1950's with a couple of 60's and 80's era's as well. I just love a good dress it makes me happy to see the prints the cut and flow of a great dress and l especially love to see them go to a good home! So if you see one you love contact me via phone or email as these beauty's won't last!

This dress is perfect such great condition ribbon and floral print iconic 50's.

You can strike gold at Bell's Belles Vintage he he he.....

Electric blue with rosettes. In the 4th series of MADMEN Joan wears a dress this colour and l loved how it looked on a red head also she had matching blue eye shadow.....

This is much more stunning in the flesh it is silk/velvet blend, classic 50's style!

The colour is better in this pic and shows the luminosity of the fabric, truly gorgeous.....

Here they all are together! The black sequins at the front is a stunning wiggle dress with a rosette on the bust...at the back there is a hot pink 50's silk dress which did'nt photograph too well but is really lovely.
Thanks for looking.
Leah X


  1. Wow Leah, such gorgeous dresses...I want them all especially the beautiful green velvet one!
    What size is it btw? Would you post it over? It's stunning!

  2. Hello Kylie
    Yes l do post anywhere in Australia. The green dress is approx S8-S10. I can post the measurements tomorrow. If you like l can hold until you get the measurements? It's pretty special....

    Hi Flo & Olive hope your having a good week and staying warm brrrr.....

  3. I enjoy seeing all your lovely dresses - just love that first one, i was definitely born in the wrong era i think! Looking foward to the day when i can visit your awesome shop again!

  4. Hello Kylie as promised here are the measurements of the green velvet dress Bust: 40 inch's (it has that wide 50's style sleeve which kind of incorporates into the bust measurement. Waist: between 27 & 28 inch's Hip: free, it has a full skirt which would be lovely with a crinoline under it! Hope this helps. If you need any further information you can call the shop Wed-Sun 10-5 on (03) 54 705842!
    Thank-you for your enquiry.
    Leah X

  5. I love the 1st one and saw another I liked on the rack that looked similar.What prices and what size is that one?

  6. Hello Nelly the stunning floral ribbon dress is approx 28 inch waist bust is approx 36 inch and hip is free. In modern terms S8-S10 price is 285. If you can describe the other one l can give you details on that one too. Leah X

  7. Hi there,
    Is the floral blue 50's cotton dress still available, and what's its price and measurements? Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Brandnewarmour yes it is still available the measurements are 28 inch waist, 36 inch bust and hip is free...It's about a S8-10 price is 285. This dress is in excellent vintage condition...

    Thanks for your enquiry