Monday, March 14, 2011

New arrivals....

Here are some new things that have arrived at Bell's Belles Vintage this week. I love this Industrial storage/file cupboard! So I decided to think of 12 ways to use it and print them up on my typewriter then put them onto each draw which l thought looked great.

except one spell check on the typewriter oops!
Travel light works like a dream so cute and cagey...
This colander is really big and would be great for making tomato sauce loooove it 
I have some more things to add but l could'nt get the pics on with this post so there will be a part 2!


  1. Oh Leah I'm LOVIN' your Treasures....ESPECIALLY the lights....I have 8 x of them at the moment....hmmmmmmm....I'm sure they'll go pretty quickly but if by some miracle you have them when I visit next they're MINE for sure....!!

    Cheers fro now,
    Tamarah xx

  2. The photos on your blog are awesome! I would love both the file cabinet and letter sorter to keep my office in order [lets disregard the wo-man-power required also]. Keep up the great work with the photography ...LOVE IT!