Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicken noodle soup, movies and camera's....

I am so excited because this weekend we have the Lindy charm school for girls workshop demonstrating vintage hair and beauty (details in a previous post) also l have heaps of new furniture in my shop thats just waiting for me to take photo's of it on my new camera!!! yes finally a camera so in the next few days l will post heaps of photo's,  lots to show you... Today l went to see the King's speech with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush it was great very funny and l loved the finger waves in the ladies hair also the amazing wall paper very bold very deco! Today l also tried the T2 chinese jasmine tea and made a fairly traditional version of chicken noodle soup and it was the best....I have been reading alot about japanese cuisine lately simple elegant food healthy and delicious so l am trying to include lots of asian style food in my kitchen and this one is a winner and very easy to make the recipe is in Stephanie Alexanders cook's companion except l substituted the egg noodles for buckwheat udon. 
Recipe Ingredients: 
1 litre of chicken/vegetable stock , 1 cup of shredded chicken ( l used free range chicken thigh), 4 shitake mushrooms, handful of snow pea's finely shredded, 1 slice of ham off the bone(sliced finely), 250g of noodles egg/udon your choice, low sodium soy sauce ( l used tamari). 
Method: so easy pre soak your mushrooms in warm water for 20 min til soft then chop off stems and slice caps finely, heat veg oil (bout a table spoon) in large pot  big enough to hold your soup throw in your mushrooms and cook for 1 min add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and stir for a further minute then add the litre of stock bring to the boil then add the noodles, the shredded chicken & leg ham cook til noodles are soft then add snow pea's and cook for about 1 minute before serving. This does not need extra salt you can season your chicken when cooking it l just grilled it! yum, yum enjoy!

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