Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lindy charm school is cool.....

This is a Victorian era waist cincher looks amazing but apparently  not too comfy, the things we do for fashion!
This is the gorgeous Miss Carly a charm school attendee love those up sweeps....

Miss Chrissy creating a beautiful vintage do. Each attendee was given a flower to use in there hair, so pretty. It reminds me as a girl watching old movies set in Hawaii or some tropical land with loads of Hawaiian shirts, ukuleles, fresh fruit and palm tree's. Usually l would have to fight with my brothers for viewing time because they wanted to watch the footy however when I did get to see them l was transported like in a dream, love this Hawaiian  30's-40's look.
This is Miss Kim beginning to create 1920's finger waves....

Viola and here is the finished product...l love how the edges of the lips are concealed creating a perfect little heart 
shape pout aaahhhhh..... was everything just much cuter then? 
It was such a great day, a big thank-you to everyone who attended especially  Miss Chrissy &  Miss Kim our mistresses....Leah x


  1. OMG, that first photo of me is DISGUSTING! Thanx heaps Miss Leah!!

  2. Carli hope your not too upset because l loved these photo's especially the second one very photogenic!!!

  3. Course not! My version is up on my blog!

  4. Oh Leah I SO WISH I'd been there Lovey....! I bet you all had a BALL....!!

    Tamarah xxx