Tuesday, August 2, 2011

200 years of wedding fashion....

Today l had the immense pleasure of viewing some of the most beautiful wedding dresses l have ever seen !! 200 years of wedding fashion took me by surprise. l had a strong emotional reaction to the dresses and their stories and in particular that of Baba Beaton sister of Cecil Beaton, the famous photographer. This dress literally took my breath away...it was designed by Charles James in 1934 London...cut on the bias this dress is simple yet so sophisticated and simply worn with wax orange blossom. There were many Georgian dresses with incredible design and fabric and the most tiny, tiny waists and tiny shoes. My favourite was a red dress worn in the late 30's it was a sheer silk with a faux silk lining small jet buttons from the neckline to the waist and a navy belt. I think it was the colour and the daring of this dress that so appealed to me it stood out with its blood red colour amongst the angelic white dresses. Another piece that caught my eye was the corset worn by Dita Von Teese, created by a  French corset maker. Meticulous in detail and the beauty of the lace and the cut and shape incredible. There are many contemporary dresses too and all beautiful in there own right. I was hoping to see more 1950's style dresses but alas this was not to be. If your anywhere near Bendigo go and see this exhibition to be surrounded by this amazing art is an experience.


  1. Hey Leah....!

    THANKS so much for popping in Lovey....! Hasn't the weather been GORGEOUS this week....I have my fingers crossed it lasts through the weekend but I don't like my chances....!!

    I WISH I could go & see this exhibition it sounds DIVINE....!!!!!

    I hope I get to catch up with you soon....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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